Pi Chapter

Alpha Gamma Omega is a Christian social fraternity at the University of Southern California.

About AGO at USC

About the National Fraternity

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About AGO at USC

AGO Active Members

Active members at the end of Spring Semester, 2014

The USC Chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity was chartered on February 3, 2001 as the Pi Chapter of the national fraternity.

We are the largest chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega in terms of active members. The USC Chapter is extremely active in the national AGO events, as well as events within the Greek system here at USC.

AGO has quickly grown to be an influential member of one of the nation’s most prominent Greek communities. Quickly acclimating to the traditions of the Greek system, AGO excels in the academic, athletic, philanthropic, and social activities of the community while representing Christian ideas in all of its participation.

AGO Fraternity Purposes

The Preamble to our National Constitution states our purpose:

“Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, we, as Christian young men of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity, purpose that it shall be the aim of this fraternity…”

  1. To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,
  2. To promote Christian fellowship,
  3. To present Christian ideals in word and deed,
  4. To search reverently for the truth,
  5. To uphold the traditions and ideals of the university,
  6. And to deepen the spiritual lives of the members.

Founders of AGO’s Pi Chapter

  • Jon Nungester
  • Aaron Pierce
  • Mike Rocha
  • Brian Devonshire
  • Shelvy Huffman
  • Ryan Green
  • Dave Torstenson
  • Kevin Black
  • Matt Brown
  • Steve Butler
  • Joey Engelberg
  • Rory Felton
  • Phil Hirz
  • Quincy Miller
  • Charlie Pecoraro
  • Travis Cramer