Rush Week Fall 2018

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Welcome to Alpha Gamma Omega‘s Fall Rush at the University of Southern California! We’re glad you’re here.

Rush Week is the week of events leading up to an invitation of membership for a select group of potential candidates. Rush week is intended to be fun and is not a commitment to join! It is a time for the house and prospective members to get to know each other before extending an invitation to join the fraternity.

All events are completely free!

Late cars are available for each day. If you would like to be in a late car, contact any AGO brother the day before the event.

If you have any questions or would like to meet a member of AGO before rush week, call or text:

Branden Currey @ (203) 550-7763

ΑΓΩ House Address:
2831 University Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

The House is located at the intersection of University and 30th



  • QUESTION: If I go to an event, does that mean I’m pledging?
  • ANSWER: Nope! All rush events are completely non-committal. Pledging is entirely separate and takes place after Rush week.


  • QUESTION: How does the transition from rushing to pledging happen?
  • ANSWER: At the end of Rush Week, each fraternity decides which rushees to offer bids to. If you are offered a bid, you have the OPTION of pledging the fraternity.


  • QUESTION: If I want to pledge, how do I get a bid?
  • ANSWER: There is no one-size-fits-all answer. If you like AGO (or any other house for that matter), demonstrate your interest, and the house decides they want to invite you to pledge, then you will be given a bid.


  • QUESTION: Is there anything I should say or do in order to improve my chances of getting a bid?
  • ANSWER: No! We want to know the REAL you. Be genuine. Be sincere. We want guys that are honest about who they are, not people who put on a facade to try to get in.


  • QUESTION: Do I have to be Christian?
  • ANSWER: Nope! You don’t have to be Christian to rush or pledge AGO.